Tips and Tricks for Traveling

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The Coffee Chat, Tips and Tricks for Traveling, hosted by Foundation staff members Kelly McCoy and Lori Besiege, offered valuable support on how to navigate the challenges that may arise while you are on a plane, train, or bus with a neurological condition that may cause mobility issues. Whether you are traveling to our International Symposium or taking a trip somewhere, there can be concerns that you may have along the way. Thank you to Foundation staff and patient community members for supporting one another and putting together a list of travel tips and resources, below. If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming travel please reach out to the Foundation. 

Tips and Tricks for Traveling (Plane, Bus or Train)

  • pack light and pre-plan
  • organize medication and bring exactly what you need
  • communicate to plane and train attendants, and bus driver on what your needs are. You need to ADVOCATE for what you need and not worry about what other people think
  • There is a website called Disabled Holidays ( which has a listing of hotels throughout the country that are ADA accessible.
  • Handicap driving pass if you are driving anywhere
  • Uber has handicap accessibly feature

If you are traveling via Plane:

  • Schedule a wheelchair with the airline in advance
  • Hidden disabilities card that states you have a disability –
    • You can bring this card to show airline staff
    • Show this card to front desk and ask for pre-boarding and more time
  • Apply for TSA (this is good for individuals who may not need a wheelchair but have difficulty standing for long periods of time)
  • Book a seat that is in the isle and close to bathroom so you have more leg room and could easily get up if need be
  • Speak with the flight attendant about your needs so if you need assistance, you can receive it effectually