First Annual Dr. Arthur Asbury Endowment Lecture

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We are honored to announce the first annual Dr. Arthur Asbury Endowment Lecture, sponsored by the GBS|CIDP Foundation International. This first lecture regarding the rare neuromuscular conditions of GBS, CIDP and MMN, will be presented by Dr. Jeffrey Allen of the University of Minnesota, on Saturday, May 18, 2024 at the Penn Neuromuscular Symposium, Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Rubinstein Auditorium, Philadelphia, PA.

An award-winning expert known around the world for his early work on Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), Dr. Asbury focused on neuromuscular diseases during his 60-year career and served in clinical, research, educational, and leadership roles at Penn, the University of California San Francisco, Harvard University, and their affiliated hospitals.

His early research in the 1960s about the damage caused to peripheral nerves by GBS was groundbreaking, and subsequent research and treatment are built on that information. He was collaborative and inquisitive, and served on national committees and teams that examined, among other things, the side effects of early swine flu vaccines, a GBS epidemic in China, and diagnostic criteria for GBS.

Dr. Asbury mentored the GBS|CIDP Foundation International and served as principal adviser for many years. His dedication to the field of neuromuscular neurology was unparalleled and his keen sense of the importance of patient advocacy is a legacy that will inspire the Foundation community for years to come. In first learning about the Foundation, he once stated “This is the piece of the puzzle we have been waiting for in treating GBS.” Dr. Asbury was also pivotal in assembling a team of world-class neuromuscular neurologists and researchers in the field of rare peripheral neuropathy, for the Foundation’s inaugural Global Medical Advisory Board.

Please support this annual educational lecture so it may be presented for years to come.

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