coffee chat

Tips and Tricks for Traveling

The Coffee Chat, Tips and Tricks for Traveling, hosted by Foundation staff members Kelly McCoy and Lori Besiege, offered valuable support on how to navigate the challenges that may arise while you are on a plane, train, or bus with a neurological condition that may cause mobility issues. Whether you are traveling to our International…

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“You Can’t Have a Disorder, You Look So Good” Coffee Chat

On June 22, 2021, we held our monthly Coffee Chat with over 26 of our members in attendance. The discussion was centered around the theme of “You Can’t Have a Disorder, You Look So Good,” whereby members opened up about the struggles of living a life with an “internal” illness, that is not always visible…

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Patients, Caregivers Connect for June Coffee Chat

Everyone has different ways of coping with GBS, CIDP and variants, and it can definitely be a struggle when you look completely healthy on the outside. Some people will certainly be judgmental at times, not understand the severity of the disease or even in some cases think that the person is exaggerating their symptoms. With…

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