Global Medical Advisory Board

Global Advisory Board - San Diego 2018

Some Of The Best Experts In The World

The Foundation’s Global Medical Advisory Board includes experts in the diagnosis, treatment and research of GBS and CIDP, many of whom have authored textbooks on the disorder, and is considered to be the “think-tank” of GBS and CIDP disorders.

Global Medical Advisory Board

Kenneth C. Gorson, MD – Chairman
Bart C. Jacobs, MD – Vice Chairman
Vera Bril, MD
David R. Cornblath, MD
Peter D. Donofrio, MD
John D. England, MD
Diana Castro, MD
Jonathan Katz, MD
Carol Lee Koski, MD
Richard A. Lewis, MD
Robert Lisak, MD
Eduardo Nobile-Orazio, MD, MD PhD
Gareth J. Parry, MD
David S. Saperstein, MD
Kazim A. Sheikh, MD
Joel S. Steinberg, MD, PhD
Pieter A. van Doorn, MD
Professor Hugh J. Willison, MBBS, PhD, FRCP
Gil I. Wolfe, MD, FAAN
Jeffrey Allen, MD

* Emeritus