Our Core Values

The GBS|CIDP Foundation International Core Values

Patient Inclusivity

We believe in patient inclusivity. Therefore, we will empower and prioritize the voice of the patient community in all Foundation decisions and activities.


We acknowledge the harmful impact of disparities on the communities we serve. By building the core values of DEI into our operations we will seek to dismantle inequalities and intentionally make space for positive outcomes to flourish. Visit our DEI page to learn more.


Therefore, we will empower the patient community by providing opportunities, support and education to advocate for themselves at every step of their journey.


We will endeavor to be agile and adaptive by consistently seeking continuous improvement and opportunities that deliver maximum value to our stakeholders.


We see ourselves as a place of trust and integrity. Therefore, we will be open, honest, and transparent in our partnerships and actions. We will vet and verify our information with leading experts for relevance, value, and accuracy.


We understand that the patient community faces life-changing events. For those affected, we build an understanding community of people ready to listen and respond in a timely manner. We create connections that serve as a lifeline of support throughout their journey.