All About Vaccines

All About Vaccines

The GBS|CIDP Foundation is committed to sharing the most accurate information from the world’s leading experts, many from our Global Medical Advisory Board. The articles below, dating back to 2019, have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals, and offer a wide range of research and information on various vaccines, including COVID-19, as they relate to GBS, CIDP, MMN or related conditions. We understand that there are many opinions creating confusion regarding vaccines, so please consider the source of your information before drawing conclusions. Each of these articles have been reviewed, vetted and recommended as resources by our Global  Medical Advisory Board. As always, all decisions should be made with your personal physician based on your own health.

“RSV and COVID are highly contagious viruses that cause infections of the lungs and breathing passages.  These infections can lead to pneumonia and bronchiolitis which in some cases can be life-threatening. Although no vaccine is perfect in its ability to prevent an infection, vaccination against RSV and COVID has without question been shown to lessen the risk of infection and lessen the risk of serious infection. We are learning that the likelihood that a vaccination can trigger autoimmune neuropathy (such as GBS or CIDP) or cause worsening in someone with a preexisting neuropathy is exceptionally low, and in some cases may be not nonexistent.  It is important to talk to your doctor about your specific situation, but in almost all circumstances the benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh the risk.”

Dr. Jeffrey Allen, Chairman of the Global Medical Advisory Board, and Dr. Peter Donofrio, Global Medical Advisory Board Member.

Monkey Pox:

Our recommendation on Monkey Pox vaccine falls in line with our general position on other vaccines. We do not have any “real world” data on this, but vaccines are safe and effective. While nothing is completely risk-free, benefits of vaccination outweigh unproven and unlikely risk.

-Dr. Jeff Allen, Global Medical Advisory Board Member