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Join Us for the Virtual Speaker Series

“Speaker Series” is an ongoing webinar series featuring experts from the Foundation’s community. This virtual educational series is a live-event hosted by members of the GBS|CIDP Foundation staff.  Questions will be taken live from viewers, and topics will come straight from our members via social media, surveys, phone calls, and emails. Can’t make the live webinar? Speaker Series webinars will also be available on-demand. Visit our Community Connections Calendar to register for future webinars.

Available Episodes

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  • Navigating Your Health Care Journey
  • Pain and Integrative Pain Management
  • How To Be Your Own Health Advocate
  • What is MMN?
  • Variants of GBS|CIDP
  • Driving Adaptations and Hand Controls
  • Research Update
  • Your Immune System and Vaccination
  • How to Make the Most of the GBS|CIDP Patient Symposium
  • What’s New in Adaptive Devices
  • Communicating for Success at the Doctor’s Office
  • All About the Foundation
  • Mental Health Checkup
  • Managing Reimbursement: Insurance and Financial Information
  • Living with MMN: Treatment and Care
  • What Happened to the IVIG Home Infusion Bill?
  • Facial Paralysis
  • All About Plasma
  • Residual Symptoms of the Foot
  • Residuals, Pain and Fatigue
  • A Message of Hope and Resilience from Dan Gottlieb for GBS|CIDP Awareness Month
  • What is MMN & How was it Discovered?
  • Let’s Get Social
  • Exploring Adaptive Devices
  • How to Prepare for Planned Giving
  • Movement is Medicine
  • COVID-19 Vaccines and the GBS|CIDP Community
  • The Clinical Research Process Explained with Dr. Lynn Rogers
  • Part 2, New Research & the Role of Plasma in the Covid-19 Response
  • Part 1, A Collaboration of Many & the Role of Plasma in the COVID-19 Response
  • Chair Yoga and Mindful Meditation
  • Life After GBS|CIDP Diagnosis for Youth & Teens
  • Strengthening Your Immune System, Naturally
  • Covid19
  • Advocacy Updates, Home Infusion, Insurance & Beyond