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Have you—or someone in your life—been diagnosed with CIDP?  You probably have a lot of questions. There is a lot of information on the web but it is difficult to know what is opinion and what is fact. That’s why we continually work to consolidate the best of that information here.

One of our goals is to help those touched by these disorders to have immediate and easy-to-process information that provides not only accurate answers, but hope. Below is a good place to start.

For your reference, you can access a full (1 hour 45 min) presentation on CIDP in the video below. Note that this lecture is part of a “Managing your CIDP” series sponsored by the GBS|CIDP Foundation, and similar presentations will also be given in the following cities in Fall 2016: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas City MO, San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New Orleans. We encourage anyone who is able to attend an event in person to do so, as lecture content will be consistently updated to include the most recent information. 

Presented by Dr. Kenneth Gorson in June 2015, Managing Your CIDP is an informative lecture that outlines the history, diagnostic protocols, and treatment strategies of CIDP. This lecture includes a question and answer session at the end.