Youth, Teen and Young Adults

Youth, Teen and Young Adults (YTA) 


The Youth, Teen and Young Adult Program (YTA) is designed to provide support and education to younger patients and their families with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, CIDP, or variant conditions. It is important to have a program where YTA’s can relate to other peers who understand the challenges they are facing while coping with a rare condition. 

Coming Soon!

In the upcoming weeks and months we will be providing educational content for all ages on our website and social media channels (look for #gbscidpYTA), connecting young people with their peers in similar situations and creating opportunities and experiences for YTA’s to get involved in our foundation. 

Currently, we are encouraging families with youths age (8-12), teens (13-19) and young adults, age (20-27) to consider attending our 2020 Symposium in Alexandria, VA where we will be introducing programs specifically designed for different age groups. We are also encouraging families with youth, teens or young adults that would like to know more, or possibly assist us in the program development process, to please reach out to our YTA Program leader, Meg Francescangeli, at We look forward to connecting with you!


Bee Needle Fear Friendly Webinar

Dr. Amy Baxter presents: Bee Needle Fear Friendly

This program will present options to assess and reduce needle fear, pain, and vasovagal syncope with Ig therapy, including topical anesthetics, cognitive interventions, and Buzzy best practices.

After this program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe how differences in pharmacology and physiology influence analgesic choices for Ig procedures
  2. Cite literature contradicting common biases that impede pain control
  3. Learn which direction, where on the body, and how to use Buzzy for Ig, and situations where other options are preferable for pain relief.

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Advisory Committee


Julie Bell

Julie Bell

Advisory Committee
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Dr. Diana Castro

YTA Medical Advisor
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Michael Coleman

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Kaitlyn Lorant

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