GBS|CIDP Patient Registry

How has a GBS|CIDP diagnosis affected you? Tell us about it!

Join the GBS|CIDP Patient Registry, share your experience, and play a critical role in a better tomorrow for patients everywhere.

The GBS|CIDP Foundation invites you to join the online Patient Registry for patients with GBS|CIDP or variants of the condition. The GBS|CIDP Patient Registry, consisting of patient reported standardized questionnaires, will allow healthcare professionals access to critical, de-identified patient data and a more in-depth understanding of the patient experience. This unique collection of data can be critical for the pursuit of medical advancements and development of patient resources. The registry will be hosted in partnership with the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD); an independent non-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to individuals with rare diseases and the organizations who serve them. Studies of these conditions may take years to finish, but patient-reported registries provide power in numbers! The Foundation will provide periodic updates and results with the discoveries made possible with this impactful data.

If you are a patient, or the primary caretaker of a patient living with GBS, CIDP or a variant of the condition, we encourage you to share your experience, enroll in GBS|CIDP patient registry and play a role in a better tomorrow for GBS|CIDP patients everywhere.

GBS CIDP Patient Registry Annual Report Cover
GBS CIDP Patient Registry Annual Report
GBS CIDP Patient Registry Annual Report