Call on Airlines to Respect People with Rare Conditions and their Medical Equipment

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The GBS|CIDP Foundation International acknowledges the urgent need for airlines to respect and improve their treatment of people with rare conditions and their medical equipment while at airports and flying. Too often, mobility devices, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment are mishandled or damaged by airline staff due to neglectful treatment and a lack of understanding about the vital role these devices can have on a person’s quality of life. Since many patients in our community require mobility aids, the Foundation is committed to supporting efforts that call on accessibility improvements.

We are calling on members of our community to sign an open letter created by Global Genes to improve accessibility on airlines. This open letter is addressed to all major airlines within the United States. You can read the letter here.

We hope that you will support this effort, whether you are a patient, care partner, family member, or medical professional.

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For 2024 and beyond, the Foundation will be focusing on ADA and accessibility-related advocacy efforts, and we want everyone to have equal access to attend our in-person events! Stay tuned for more ways that you can get involved in this type of advocacy. If you have questions or would like to discuss anything related to accessibility, please reach out to Advocacy Coordinator, Ellie Herman, at