Related Conditions

Miller Fisher

Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS), also called Fisher’s syndrome, usually begins with the rapid development, over days, of 3 problems:

  1. weak eye muscles, with double or blurred vision, and often drooping eyelids with facial weakness;
  2. poor balance and coordination with sloppy or clumsy walking; and
  3. on physical examination, loss of deep tendon reflexes, such as the knee and ankle jerk.

Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN)

MMN (Multifocal Motor Neuropathy) is a rare disorder in which focal areas of multiple motor nerves are attacked by one’s own immune system. Typically, MMN is slowly progressive, resulting in asymmetrical weakness of a patient’s limbs. Patients frequently develop weakness in their hand(s), resulting in dropping of objects or sometimes inability to turn a key in a lock.

Anti-MAG Peripheral Neuropathy

Anti-MAG peripheral neuropathy is a very rare disease, constituting perhaps 5% of CIDP-like disorders. Anti-MAG occurs when the body’s own immune system develops antibodies against a key glycoprotein (myelin-associated glycoprotein, or MAG). MAG is essential to maintaining a healthy peripheral nervous system.