GBS|CIDP May Awareness Month

Building, Growing, and Expanding our community like never before!

This awareness month we celebrate the expansion and inclusivity of our worldwide community! As our global network grows wider, our community connections and conversations have grown deeper. Our global listening tour of patients, care partners, physicians and researchers worldwide has led to new, more impactful, and inclusive patient programming, research, and resources. GBS|CIDP May Awareness Month is the ideal time to spread the word about everything new and inclusive so that no one ever has to walk this journey alone. No one.

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Will you join us in celebrating expansion and inclusivity for the GBS|CIDP community? Check out our weekly calendar of program highlights, and please join one of our activities, reach out to your local community, or simply social share all of the new resources and ways to connect!  

Show Your Support for the GBS|CIDP Community and Take Action!

  • Host educational events in May to spread awareness about GBS and CIDP
  • Wear blue and green as a representation of our Community
  • Interested in purchasing GBS|CIDP Foundation apparel? Visit our Bonefire site here.
  • Post on social media and tag the Foundation so we can share within our community. Learn how to engage your community on social media by watching the Amp Your Social Voice Webinar here.
    • Share your or your loved one’s GBS or CIDP journey
    • Wear your blue, green, or GBS|CIDP apparel and take a photo!
GBS|CIDP awareness month

Calendar of Events:

Events coming soon.

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