May is GBS|CIDP Awareness Month

Today. Tomorrow. Always. #GBSCIDPAwareness

May of 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges and changes, the world over. We hope you find comfort in knowing that the GBS|CIDP Foundation International has made every effort to continue to Support, Educate, fund Research and Advocate for our patients in new and innovative ways. We are here for you today, tomorrow and always.

This May, GBS|CIDP Awareness Month, we encourage you to watch our new virtual “Ask the Expert” series featuring medical and legislative experts in the field of GBS|CIDP.  Additionally, we have provided up-to-date news and information on our COVID-19 educational portal, featuring our Global Medical Advisors, Researchers and Industry Leaders specializing in treatments and cures for our rare neurologic conditions, and new and innovative opportunities to join our advocacy efforts for legislation that directly affects our patient community.

This May, please join us in raising awareness of all patients struggling with GBS|CIDP, and the many efforts being made to support our community in these times of uncertainty, and in their time of need. #GBSCIDPawareness

May is GBS|CIDP Awareness Month

Covid19, Ask the Expert

Virtual Ask the Experts Series

April 22, 2020 – Dr. Ken Gorson

Part of our virtual “Ask the Expert” educational series “working together in new and innovative ways,” which features medical experts from the Foundation’s Global Medical Advisory Board.

Our educational series will be pre-recorded, and hosted by members of the GBS|CIDP Foundation staff, who will be asking questions that have come straight from our members via social media, phone calls, and emails.  The entire series continues to be updated on our website and YouTube channel.

What is Convalescent Plasma?

By Dr. David Saperstein

Antibodies (also known as immunoglobulins) play an important role in health and illness. Many of you regularly receive intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) to treat your autoimmune disease. Flooding a person’s system with antibodies from normal, healthy individuals can reverse problems caused by abnormally overactive immune systems. However, providing antibodies that fight a specific infection can help a sick person recover from that infection. This is what is being studied now for covid19. 

After someone recovers from a virus, our bodies produce antibodies that recognize the virus so our immune system can attack it we are exposed to it again in the future. While not a perfect defense, such antibodies can prevent subsequent infections or at least make our reaction to the virus less severe. These are called “protective antibodies.” Most people who have recovered from covid19 infection should have protective antibodies in their bloodstream. Blood taken from recovered patients can be processed to produce so-called “convalescent plasma.” It is hoped that convalescent plasma when given to a patient sick with covid19, will help that patient recover. We do not know if this will work, but it has worked for other viral infections and is an exciting area of research. 

The plasma contains antibodies but not the virus itself, so there is no risk of transmitting covid19 infection via convalescent plasma. This plasma will come from blood donated by people who have recovered from covid19 infection. This will not prevent the processing of IVIG used routinely to treat GBS, CIDP and other autoimmune diseases. Also, there is no risk to these patients if they receive IVIG that contains antibodies derived from patients who were infected with covid 19.  

While these are challenging times, it is good to know that the science of immunology can not only continue to help those of you with GBS/CIDP but also those suffering from covid19 infection.