Statement from Professor Lunn in Reference to Newest Research on COVID-19, GBS, and Vaccines

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The GBS|CIDP Foundation is committed to sharing the most accurate information from the world’s leading experts, many from our Global Medical Advisory Board. The COVID-19 situation changes daily and we will continue to share updates that are vetted by the experts in GBS. In addition, we are in regular contact with the FDA representing the patient voice in the top-level decision-making. We understand that there are many opinions creating confusion so please consider the source of your information before drawing conclusions.  As always, all decisions should be made with your personal physician based on your own health.

The information below is the most up to date available on Covid-19, vaccines, and the GBS|CIDP Community.

In reaction to recent research published in Brain (click here to read more), Professor Lunn has offered this guidance in regards to our community:

One vaccine is not the same as another. The only reason that one advises against flu vaccine in someone with GBS is if they actually had GBS in the 6 week window after a flu vaccine and then only out of an abundance of caution which is not based on any real science.

The rate of GBS after flu vaccine in all assessed years after 1976 has been about 1 per million and no study has linked vaccination to recurrence of GBS or CIDP.

COVID vaccine is nothing like flu vaccine.
COVID doesn’t cause GBS  in any significant number if at all and there is no reason to suspect the vaccine would cause it.

Statement attributed to:
Professor Michael Lunn MA MBBS FRCP PhD
Consultant Neurologist and Professor of Clinical Neurology
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Queen Square, London