COVID-19 FAQ from GBS|CIDP & Variant Community

Informing our GBS|CIDP Foundation community is our top priority.  This week we have received a number of questions regarding COVID-19 through email, phone calls, and our social media channels.  Two of the primary concerns are addressed below. The answers are provided by the GBS|CIDP Foundation International Global Medical Advisory Board. As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 outbreak, the Foundation is committed to providing information, answers to your questions, and updates at they are made available. 

Are you more at-risk for COVID-19 if you have previously had GBS?

Having GBS in the past does not put you at an increased risk for COVID-19 unless you have other underlying issues. As with all people, you should practice strict social distancing and abide by the current CDC guidelines.

As an MMN or CIDP patient, am I at a greater risk for developing COVID-19?

No, however, if you take any immunosuppressive drugs, you would be at greater risk. This could include but is not limited to drugs such as; Imuran or asithyropan, Rituxin or rituximab, Celcept or microphenalate or cyclosporin. Patients taking corticosteroids are particularly at risk. Taking IVIG alone will not predispose patients to higher risk.

The Global Medical Advisory Board emphasizes strict adherence to the CDC guidelines and those of local or state governments.

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