Advocating for Plasma Donations and Home Infusion

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The GBS|CIDP Foundation International recently led the American Plasma Users Coalition (APLUS) in creating a letter to federal and state agencies regarding two important topics to our community: plasma donations and home infusion.

The Foundation and APLUS want to make sure that lawmakers are aware that plasma collection centers are considered “essential” according to the Department of Homeland security. Also, we want plasma donors to know how thankful and appreciative we are of their contribution to life-saving medicines.

We are also advocating for the safety of all patients that receive infusions by highlighting the importance of insurance coverage of home health care during this time.

You can read the letter here.

Join The Conversation…

by using your social media to reach important Members of Congress! Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or emails to raise awareness about the importance of plasma donations and the importance of home infusion. Here are some sample messages you can use:

Thank you to all the current plasma donors! I am so grateful that plasma donation has been determined to be “essential” and can continue so that essential medicines can continue to be made! @Person – join American Plasma Users in thanking plasma donors! #gbscidpadvocate

Home health care is an important part of social distancing! Please keep those of us that get regular infusions OUT of hospitals @Person #gbscidpadvocate

Plasma Donors are everyday heroes! @Person help us thank plasma donors & those that make life-saving plasma medications! #gbscidpadvocate

My regular IVIG infusion can be done at home, and this keeps me safe and away from crowded, busy hospitals! Help us make sure home infusion is covered by Medicare @Person #gbscidpadvocate