Research Poster Opportunity for GBS, CIDP, MMN Patient Symposium

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We Invite You to Participate!

As valued members of our medical community, we would like to inform you and your colleagues in training, residents, and fellows of a special opportunity to participate in the 2023 GBS|CIDP Foundation Patient Symposium, October 5-7 in Alexandria, VA.

Poster Request

Drs. Jeffrey Allen and Bart Jacobs, as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Global Medical Advisory Board for the GBS|CIDP Foundation International, invite neurology residents and fellows with interest in inflammatory peripheral neuropathies (Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Multifocal Motor Neuropathy) to submit poster abstracts for the Foundation’s upcoming patient symposium. Accepted posters will be expected to attend the patient conference in Alexandria, VA. Oct 5-7th and serve as a presenting author to the patient audience. Travel scholarships are available for accepted abstracts. Deadline to submit is August 14, 2023. Submissions should be emailed to

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts should be tailored for a non-medical audience and present creative solutions to clinical problems, new research ideas, updates on relevant research, or other topics related to improving patient quality of life and care. Abstracts should not exceed 500 words and include the following sections: Background, Aim, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

Poster size and oral presentation schedule/timing will be determined after acceptance, but all presenting authors should plan to give a short, oral presentation.

About the Foundation and the 2023 Patient Symposium

The GBS | CIDP Foundation International is a global nonprofit organization supporting individuals and their families affected by Guillain-Barre’ syndrome (GBS), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), and related conditions through a commitment to support, education, research and advocacy.

The Patient Symposium is a multi-day conference held for patients with GBS, CIDP, MMN, and related conditions. The conference gives patients the opportunity to hear from the esteemed Global Medical Advisory Board and other notable speakers on a spectrum of topics related to research and patient quality of life. This conference is an opportunity for young medical professionals to shadow the Foundation’s Global Medical Advisory Board and learn their role in shaping Foundation programs and research activities.

Please share this opportunity with any colleagues, associates, or students. Kindly email with any questions.