Chief Financial Officer, Camille Yee, Retires after 28 Years of Service to the GBS|CIDP Foundation International

Camille YeeThis week brings a mix of emotions to the Foundation as we say goodbye to our dear friend, co-worker, and longtime member of the GBS|CIDP family, Camille Yee. After 28 years of outstanding service, Camille, a recent new grandmother, has decided to retire from her position as Chief Financial Officer of the GBS|CIDP Foundation so she may spend more time with her husband and growing family.

Camille has spent nearly 53 years of service in the non-profit sector. When she was 18 years old, she started at The Legal Aid Society in New York, helping neighbors from underserved communities get legal representation. She blossomed to oversee the family law department and later advocated for victims of domestic violence who were denied their rights. In 1991 she met, Estelle Benson, the Founder of the GBS|CIDP Foundation in Philadelphia and joined her in the mission of supporting patients with GBS|CIDP or variants of the condition. Estelle and Camille grew the foundation to become a global charity now serving 44,000 people in 46 countries, with a staff of 11 full-time employees. Camille’s dedication took her from the position of part-time bookkeeper to the Foundation’s first Chief Financial Officer. A public servant through and through, Camille has been a driving force in our “patient first,” culture, extending kindness, guidance and support to each and every member of our community. As we are so excited for Camille, and so grateful for her many years of exceptional leadership and service to the GBS|CIDP community, we must also admit that our hearts ache, just a little, at the thought of not seeing her warm and welcoming “light up the room” smile every single morning. We will miss you dearly Camille! And we wish you all the joy and love in the world! Congratulations!

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