Host Your Own Fundraiser

Personal fundraisers have endless possibilities to spark enthusiasm within your community as well as educate the community on the need for funding.

DIY Fundraising Virtual Events
COVID-19 has caused all of us to rethink how we get together and socialize with our family and friends. Are you looking for ways to cure your post-holiday blues while making a difference in the GBS│CIDP patient community? We have brainstormed some creative ways you can host a DIY fundraising event in a virtual world.

Host a virtual game night – Calling all board game enthusiasts! Set up a Zoom call and play a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit or Scattergories. You are guaranteed to have lots of laughs, even in a new virtual format. After the game, share your story and why the Foundation is important to you. Ask your guests to make a small donation in honor of the fun night you shared.

Host a virtual dinner party – Set up a Zoom meeting for your friends and family at a set time. Before the meeting, share a simple recipe with your attendees. After each attendee has cooked their meal at their own home, have everyone join the Zoom and enjoy their delicious dinner together. Start the evening by talking about your connection with the Foundation and ask your attendees to donate what they would typically spend on a night out.

Host a watch party – Many online streaming services allow you to host a watch party, which allows a group of participants to watch a video simultaneously and interact with each other at the same time. Ask your friends to donate the amount that they would normally spend on a movie ticket. Want to do something special for your attendees? Mail or drop off a bag of popcorn for them!

DIY In Person Fundraising Events

Fitness Class – Do you go to a weekly yoga, Zumba, cycling, or other exercise class? Ask your instructor if they would be interested in donating their time to your fundraiser. Pick a time and day when they are available and charge an entry fee for the class. Make sure to tell all of your friends and family about the class!

Bowling Tournament – Love to bowl? Ask your local bowling alley if they would be willing to donate a few lanes for a night. Invite community members and charge a fee to enter the tournament.

Mini Golf Tournament – Discover your competitive side with a Mini Golf Tournament. Find a place nearby or even set one up in your house.

Scavenger Hunt – This can be done in a small area like a park or even around your town/city. Place clues around the area and charge for the first clue.

March Madness – Charge friends, family, and coworkers to enter their March Madness Bracket.
Family Fun

Movie Night – See if a local school (or even a generous movie theater) will donate their auditorium for a movie night and charge for tickets.

Students vs Teachers Basketball Game – A great way to get kids involved is through competition. Gather some students and teachers a charge money for the big game!

Bag Groceries – See if a local grocery store will pay for volunteer baggers for a few hours one day. This is a great way to get kids involved and talk to members of the community about what you’re raising money for. You may even get some donations!

Car Wash – Nothing has withstood the test of time like a good old car wash. See if a local store will donate necessary materials and advertise around town.

Pancake Breakfast – A pancake breakfast can be done anywhere from your house, a school, or even a local diner. Charge a flat fee for all-you-can-eat pancakes.

Happy Hour – See if your local bar will assist with a happy hour even. Many bars will donate a portion of their proceeds to a good cause. Invite your friends and have a fun night out for a cause!

Restaurant Night – Just like bars, restaurants will sometimes donation a portion of their proceeds to a cause, especially when you help drive business to them. Ask around your favorite restaurants and see if they’ll participate.

Did something strike your fancy? Or do you have another idea for a DIY fundraising event? Share it with us by emailing Thank you for your continued support and creativity in this virtual world.