2023 GBS|CIDP Symposium Washington D.C. – To-Do in DC

Traveling with limited mobility? We’ve got you covered!

At GBS|CIDP Foundation International, we take great care in the planning of our patient events. Accessibility is key; not only to the property hosting our event, but to the surrounding areas! We want to take the guess-work out of our trip, and ensure that you are able to enjoy all that the area has to offer, at any level of mobility! Check out our guide to Alexandria & DC below!


Just outside of the hotel hosting our 16th Biennial Symposium! Historical Alexandria has something for everyone!

Alexandria’s sidewalk corners have been graded for easier access and spaces near some corners are reserved for vehicles displaying the appropriate license plate or signage.  All metered parking is free for a maximum of double the time limits displayed (most locations east of Washington Street = four hours; west of Washington = six hours) for any vehicle displaying a handicapped license plate or permit.

Alexandria Archaeology, 105 N. Union St., Third Floor – Shares Torpedo Factory Art Center facilities, which are wheelchair accessible.  Elevator to third-floor museum, seminar area and lab.

Alexandria Visitor Center at Ramsay House, 221 King St. – Street entrance on King St., accessible rest rooms.  Ring bell for additional visitor assistance.  Staff will come to street level.

The Athenaeum, 201 Prince St. – Ramp from the sidewalk to the first floor at the side door entrance.

Black History Resource Center, 902 Wythe St. – Graded curb in front of on-grade entrance.  Wheelchair-accessible rest rooms.

Christ Church, 118 N. Washington St. – Ramp at gift shop gives entry to courtyard.  Gift shop also has a lift.  There are ramps at gates.  Most rest rooms in new addition fitted for persons with disabilities.  Elevator in Parish House.  The church is at grade level and accessible to wheelchairs.

Friendship Firehouse, 107 S. Alfred St. – Firehouse is at ground level and accessible to wheelchairs.

Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site, 4301 W. Braddock Rd. – Ramp available at ground floor entrance upon request.  Wheelchair-accessible rest rooms on site; accessible parking.  Paved walkways to museum entrance.  Some areas of historic site accessible to wheelchairs with assistance.  Parking reserved with advance notice for large interpretive programs.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial, 101 Callahan Dr. – Use call button at the north side door for ground-level access via ramp.  Rest rooms, parking lot and elevator available.

Lloyd House, 220 N. Washington St. – Queen Street entrance is one step up to patio.  Back entrance also has one step up.  Receptionist or librarian will bring materials down from upper floor.  No public rest room.  Building now houses the Office of Historic Alexandria.  Appointments recommended.

The Lyceum, Alexandria History Museum, 201 S. Washington St. – Accessible parking, entrance, rest rooms and elevator.  Visitor information available.

Market Square/City Hall, 301 King St. – On-grade access on N. Royal Street to the entrance in the West Arcade and first floor rest rooms.

Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop, 105-107 S. Fairfax St. – Two steps in from street; one additional step into the museum.  A ramp has been added.  There is no elevator; only first floor is accessible.  Rest room on first floor is accessible.

Torpedo Factory Art Center, 105 N. Union St., Accessible entrances on the waterfront and southside doors.  Rest rooms on three floors are accessible.  Elevator to all three floors.


A short ride away – Washington DC has much to offer for those with limited mobility!

Lincoln Memorial

There are no steps to access the main plaza in front of the Lincoln Memorial. There is ramp access to an elevator to access the inner chamber of the memorial. There are also handicap accessible restrooms available within the monument.

Jefferson Memorial

There is limited handicap parking out on East Basin Drive. There is elevator access to the inner chamber of the memorial.

MLK Memorial

There is convenient handicapped parking.  No steps are required to explore the memorial, which is not far back from the street.

FDR Memorial

The FDR Memorial was designed to have excellent access for visitors with limited mobility.  There are no steps anywhere in the memorial. Unfortunately, their is a bit more walking involved to access the full memorial, so please keep that in mind.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is set back quite a ways from the street, but is easy to access via curb cuts & ramps leading up to the plaza around the base of the monument.

Vietnam War Memorial

There is no parking directly at the memorial that is handicap accessible, but you can access it via a walk from the Lincoln Memorial’s handicap parking spaces. However, once at the memorial, there are no steps at all.  A ramp leads down past the Wall.

WWII Memorial

No steps required to explore the memorial.

Korean War Memorial

There are no steps to access the memorial.  Handicap parking is very close on Daniel French Drive.

Washington DC Museums

All museums in Washington DC keep wheelchairs available for handicapped visitors (limited, please keep that in mind – DC can be very busy!). You can get to all museum exhibits with no steps. Most museums have handicapped parking available.

The 6th Street entrance to the West Building and the 4th Street entrance to the East Building have ramps to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers, and elevators at these entrances provide access to galleries and public areas.

Click for the National Gallery of Art accessibility page.

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Both entrances to the museum are now accessible. Enter from the Constitution Avenue side of the building or the National Mall side. A new elevated walkway is open on the south side, or National Mall side, of the building. All of the Museum’s exhibitions (including the Butterfly Pavilion) are accessible by wheelchair, and all public floors of the Museum can be reached by elevator.

More information on the Smithsonian Natural History Museum Accessibility page.

Smithsonian American History Museum

The handicap parking is on the Madison Drive side of the building. No steps necessary to enter the building from either entrance. For more information, check out the American History Museum accessibility page.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Both entrances are handicap accessible. Handicap parking is on the Jefferson Drive side of the building. The staff can arrange special tours for those with disabilities. Click for the Smithsonian Air and Space accessibility web page.

Holocaust Memorial Museum

Visitors may be dropped off on the 14th Street side of the building for easier access to the building by car. There is no public parking at the Museum. Elevators and ramps are available throughout the museum.

The Holocaust Museum accessibility page gives detailed information.

African American History and Culture Museum

Handicap parking is available on Madison Drive east of 14th Street.  Paid parking at the Ronald Reagan Building is a good alternative. Both entrances to the museum are handicap accessible. Visit the African American Museum accessibility page for more information.