Honorary INC Plenary Lecture Awarded to GBS|CIDP Foundation International

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The Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) is an international non-profit organization of scientists, physicians, and other healthcare providers working together to investigate and treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

An Honorary INC Plenary Lecture Award was given to the GBS|CIDP Foundation by the Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium at the PNS conference in Copenhagen.

Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) President Dr. Richard Lewis and Executive Director Lisa Butler are Pictured here. Thank you for this beautiful honor and recognition, and congratulations to all!

“It was my pleasure to present an award to the GBS|CIDP Foundation and announce the annual GBS|CIDP Foundation lecture.

It is very appropriate that we do this at this meeting as the organization was created in 1980 by Estelle Benson and Art Asbury related to Estelle’s husband Robert who had GBS. Since that time the Foundation has been an incredible partner and supporter of our efforts to improve the lives of people with inflammatory neuropathy. 

They have funded research including the Benson fellowship; they have supported efforts to develop optimal guidelines including the koski criteria and the EFNS and EAN/PNS Guidelines.

Estelle never said no to a request if it was to help her patients and advance our knowledge and when she passed the leadership over to Lisa Butler she foundation kindred spirit who is always there when the INC and the Entire PNS need something.

I’ve personally been on the MAB for over 30 years and it has been an association that has given me true pride and pleasure.” – Dr. Richard Lewis, PNS President