FIRST Teen & Young Adult Zoom Chat

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By Meg Mains

The GBS-CIDP Foundation International hosted their FIRST Teen & Young Adult Zoom gathering on December 8th. It was a great way to meet other patients and share their experiences with GBS, CIDP, & variant conditions. Meg Mains, Youth, Teen, & Young Adult Team Lead, and Michael Coleman, YTA Spokesperson hosted the virtual event and were joined by three teen/young adult patients.

During the session, the patients were able to share their story, ask questions and advice, and form a real connection with each other. It was great to see the smile on each other’s faces when they realized they had the same experience and were not alone. One patient in particular, was released out of rehab with Guillian Barre Syndrome just a few days before the meeting. “It was so great to find a support network at such a perfect time. I’m really looking forward to future Zoom sessions,” stated the newly diagnosed patient.

Overall, the first zoom gathering was a blast and the Youth, Teen & Young Adult program looks forward to many more opportunities to bring together youth, teens, and young adult patients! Please visit our YTA events page for the next upcoming gathering.