California – Advocates Needed

The GBS|CIDP Foundation International is calling for volunteers in California to reach out to Assembly Member Evan Low, the Chair of the Business and Professions Committee, to show support for Assembly Bill 2199. This bill in the California Government will help to improve the plasma collection process in the state and hopefully result in more plasma donation centers and more efficient plasma collection processes.

Here is how you can reach out to Assembly Member Low:

When you reach out to Assembly Member Low, here are some key points to help create a message to share:

  • We are asking Assembly Member Low to support Assembly Bill 2199 because the bill will improve plasma donation in California.
  • Share why plasma is important to you:
    • Do you or a loved one use a plasma product to treat CIDP? Was IVIG used to treat your GBS or a loved one’s? Share your story, briefly!
  • California is a large state, but has proportionately less plasma donation centers than other large states. Assembly Bill 2199 will improve collection in the state while still ensuring that plasma donors and eventual plasma users are safe.
  • Be sure to thank Assembly Member Low for considering this request.

If you have any questions about how to get started, send a message to Chelsey at

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