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There might not be many positives experiencing GBS, CIDP or any of the variant disorders, but we can think of at least one. We have a dynamic and growing GBS/CIDP community.
We offer support to anyone interested in or dealing with GBS or CIDP.

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The GBS/CIDP Foundation International strives to assist patients and their families in coping with GBS/CIDP by providing emotional support to patients and their loved ones, as well as public and professional educational programs designed to heighten awareness and improve the understanding and treatment of GBS, CIDP and variants. More >>


Become an Advocate
The GBS/CIDP Foundation International has been and continues to be very concerned about the health care reform law (Affordable Care Act – ACA) passed in 2010. Many of its’ parts have been implemented yet many more very critical components have not.

Patient Stories
In a room full of GBD/CIDP survivors, the majority of the conversations you will hear pertain to patient stories. “I was intubated for 40 days and was in a coma for 28 days.” Or, “I took that medicine and it did absolutely nothing for my pain, but another one my doctor prescribed did the trick.”
One of the many potential side effects of our particular nerve disorders is that we get to talk about things most wouldn’t have guessed possible in their lifetime – granted not always stories we’d prefer to have to tell. That’s why it’s not only healthy to share our stories, but it’s helpful for those who need information and experience from others have have really been there. More >>

In the News
Even though the internet has opened up a world of knowledge at our finger tips, finding both interesting and informative news and research online can be challenging.
Part of our mission is to help spread awareness and to provide the materials that support those who need it. Our responsibility is to make sure we pass along information that is accurate and helpful. More>>

Community Events
The GBS/CIDP Foundation International is proud to host many events on a regular schedule. Everything from local chapter meetings to our Biennial International Symposium.
As part of our ongoing efforts to raise vital dollars to support our mission and reach new communities, we are excited to announce that we will be developing our first-ever national event – a walkathon to fight GBS, CIDP and its variants. Our new walk fundraising campaign will be designed to engage the thousands of affected individuals, their families and communities.  The walk will be a way to show the nation how a team of truly inspired individuals can make a difference.

 Our goal is to launch the walk at three sites and online this spring. Bringing the walk to your area will entail forming a walk committee to plan and implement your local event.  Nationally, we will be forming a walk team to help each committee every step of the way. We can’t make this happen without you and want to thank everyone in advance for what we know will be an amazing annual campaign. If you are interested in being one of inaugural walks this spring, please contact us at and stay tuned for additional walk-related announcements.

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