To improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by GBS, CIDP and related syndromes such as MMN by:

  • Creating and nurturing a global network of volunteers, healthcare professionals, researchers and industry partners to provide those affected with GBS, CIDP or related syndromes such as MMN with support and the most current available information;
  • Designing and implementing public, medical and professional education programs to increase awareness and improve understanding;
  • Funding research through grants, establishing fellowships and using other appropriate avenues to identify the causes of and discover treatments for GBS, CIDP, and related syndromes such as MMN;
  • Structuring partnerships to engage in advocacy at the federal, state and grass roots levels to advance our vision and mission with legislators and government agencies.

Our Vision

Every person affected by GBS, CIDP, or related syndromes such as MMN, will have access to early and accurate diagnosis, appropriate and affordable treatment, and knowledgeable support services.