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  • Children with rapid-onset paralysis: is it GBS?
    Children with rapid-onset paralysis: is it GBS? by Patricia Blomkwist An interesting article* was published in the “European Journal of Neurology” about a study in children. Prof. Bart Jacobs (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) was one of the authors. He wondered why, contrary to expectations, some children diagnosed with GBS did not recover well. … Read more
  • Angela’s Adaptive Devices
    Written by Angela Patton Angela Patton is a member of GBS|CIDP’s Advisory Committee. In 2017, after an eight months struggle for a proper diagnosis, Angela was diagnosed with CIDP.  Here is Angela’s story… I was barely able to walk, and struggled during this time in my educational, and professional life. I have been on various … Read more
  • Coping with School & Treatment Plan for GBS|CIDP
    By Megan Kaump A diagnosis of GBS, CIDP, or variants is frightening and devastating for anyone, but when a child is diagnosed it adds a very different set of emotions and experiences. It is heart- breaking to see your child go through such challenges and there is the added component of how the child’s schooling … Read more
  • FIRST Teen & Young Adult Zoom Chat
    By Meg Mains The GBS-CIDP Foundation International hosted their FIRST Teen & Young Adult Zoom gathering on December 8th. It was a great way to meet other patients and share their experiences with GBS, CIDP, & variant conditions. Meg Mains, Youth, Teen, & Young Adult Team Lead, and Michael Coleman, YTA Spokesperson hosted the virtual … Read more
  • The Sport of Staying Home
    By Kaitlyn Lorant PT, DPTYTA Committee Member For individuals with GBS or CIDP, rehabilitation is of the utmost importance. While in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be daunting to create new and engaging activities to maintain strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance. This article compiles a list of some fun, yet feasible exercises and … Read more