Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there is no known cure. But we remain hopeful that will change. Our Global Medical Advisory Board leads in the field of research, treatment and exploring what’s possible for ensuring our patients get the right care and support until a cure is found.


How is my donation used?

First of all, thank you for your donations. Because of them, a patient is getting support from a liaison somewhere at this moment. Without your contributions, we wouldn’t be able to help with such critical support.

Other than in-person visits from Liaisons—survivors of GBS or CIDP themselves or their caregivers—the Foundation offers a broad range of support from its Global Medical Advisory Board, Liaisons and Volunteers as well the employees and board members that lead the organization. More details can be found on the GET SUPPORT section of the site.


Does insurance cover GBS and CIDP therapies?

As you have probably experienced over the recent years, insurance coverage and issues evolve rapidly. For more information, see the HEALTH & INSURANCE section of the ALL ABOUT ADVOCACY page. If you have any questions or concerns about a specific insurance issue, don’t hesitate to contact our office either by phone 610-667-0131 or via email at


Is GBS or CIDP contagious or hereditary?

There is no research to support that GBS or CIDP is contagious or hereditary.


I have a great idea to raise money for the GBS-CIDP Foundation – who do I talk to?

We appreciate all the ideas our volunteers share with us. And our liaisons are happy to work with you on a local level to help shape those ideas into reality. For any fundraising activities, please contact the main office at 610-667-0131 or email to get things started. They’ll be glad to work with you and the liaison as necessary.


Can you get GBS more than once?

It’s even more rare to have multiple episodes of GBS, but it can happen. Since the causes of GBS or unknown, there’s technically nothing you can do to control the possibility. But we do believe you should stay positive and focused on the recovery process and healthy living.


Why do some medical professionals not know about GBS or CIDP?

Due to the rareness of these disorders, some medical professionals aren’t familiar with them. But that is where our work comes in by raising awareness globally. There are many ways you can help spread the word so more people, including medical professionals, learn about these disorders. Contact your local liaison today to learn more about how.