Patient Stories

Muna Siddiqi

In December 2021, I was in Karachi Pakistan for our family reunion. One morning, I tried to get out of bed but collapsed. I noticed that my left leg had no strength. Within 24 hours, I was completely paralyzed, neck down. Fortunately I have several doctors in the family and I got the diagnosis of GBS before getting to the hospital.  After a couple of weeks of treatment, I was sent back home still fully paralyzed. I received home health care for 14 months till I became bathroom independent and was able to travel back to the US.

After 18 months of my diagnosis, I can walk with support for up to 6 minutes. I spend some time in the kitchen cooking with help, I can take the stairs up to my bedroom while holding the handrail with both hands. I am going to the physical and occupational therapy appointments. I have come a long way and even though no one guarantees my full recovery, I am very hopeful that I will fully recover.

 My husband was by my side throughout this journey. Even though I was unable to move, I was upbeat. I did have some bad days, but most of the time I was hopeful. Only because I had my loving husband holding my hand everyday, encouraging me and reassuring me that there is light at the other end of the tunnel. I know I have some ways to go and the recovery is very slow, but I will rise above.