Patient Stories

Dr. Alan Ropper and Dr. Kenneth Gorson

I had what was characterized as an acute episode of GBS in 1994 and was sent to the SCU at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton, MA. My heroes are Drs. Alan Ropper, and Kenneth Gorson, who were a team at that time. The reason I nominate them as my heroes is that they made me part of that team, giving me an equal vote in the decision-making process. They were patient, kind, and endlessly attentive to me and my needs, both emotional and medical. They made me their equals, which I’ll never be. They saved my life. I owe them, and a redheaded nurse on M7 Neuro SCU named Laura my life, literally. I can’t imagine better caretakers. 

–David Carroll

*photo of Dr. Kenneth Gorson with Founder Estelle Benson