Patient Stories

Benny, My Number One Supporter

Honor your hero, Benny, my wonderful husband

Benny, my husband, is my number one supporter and the reason I have come so far from where this all started. I was on a ventilator and in the ICU for many months. Benny made sure I was not alone for a single day. He coordinated with my sisters to ensure that I had somebody visit and keep me company every single day. I am so grateful because I would have lost composure and gone down a rabbit hole of depression if it weren’t for him. After five months when I came home, I was still paralyzed and Benny ensured that I had care from morning through to the evening. If a caregiver was not available, he would care for me himself. Sometimes carrying me upstairs to bathe. When I could not communicate, and had no facial expression at all, Benny read my eyes. He knew when I was in pain. He advocated for me to nurses and doctors. He ensured I got the best care possible. With only one visitor allowed at a time due to COVID-19, I would be in a different place if it were not for him. Benny Bristow saved my life. He is my hero. He is the reason why my (now two year old) son calls me mommy today. I am forever grateful.