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13330 USF Laurel Drive
Tampa, FL 33612
United States of America

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  • Department of Neurology Scheduling - 813-396-9997

  • Doctors

    Adult Care

      Clifton Gooch MD – Professor and Chair – Department of Neurology,

      Tuan Vu MD – Professor and Director – Neuromuscular Division and ALS Clinic (Will see patients of all ages with CIDP and other neuromuscular disorders),

      Hera Stephens MD – Assistant Professor – Neuromuscular Division,

      Rebecca Hurst MD – Assistant Professor – Neuromuscular Division,

      Rossitza Chichkova MD –  Associate Professor of Neurology,

      Niraja Suresh MD – Assistant Professor of Neurology – Neuromuscular Division,

      Jerrica Farias ARNP –  Neuromuscular Division,

      Niraja Suresh MD,

      Mark Armanious MD,

      Rossita Chichkova MD,

      Rebecca Hurtz MD