More Than Just Words

Although most people recover from GBS and CIDP, the duration of the illness is unpredictable and often months of hospital care are required. Thus, both patient and family undergo the emotional trauma of an uncertain future, not knowing if and when recovery will occur. To assist patients and their families to cope with GBS/CIDP, the Foundation provides emotional support to patients and their loved ones.

  • Provides, when possible, personal visits by former patients to those currently in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  • Supplies literature and educational material, including a comprehensive 70-page booklet entitled “An Overview for the Layperson” so patients and families can learn what to expect during the illness, as well as Guidebooks for Caregivers, and for children with GBS. Trifolds are available in English,
  • Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, and others.
  • Educates the public and medical communities via sponsorship of local chapters and support groups.
  • Fosters and funds research into cause, treatment and other aspects of the disorder.
  • Directs patients with long-term disabilities to resources for vocational, financial and other assistance.
  • Develops national and international support groups.
  • Encourages financial support for community activities.
  • Sponsors International Educational Symposia for the medical community and general public.
  • Publishes The Communicator, a quarterly informational newsletter.
  • Advocates in Washington DC and elsewhere on issues relevant to GBS and CIDP.