Patient Stories

My Friend, My Hero Lisa

Lisa has multiple chronic illnesses including RA, Diabetes Type 1, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, to name a few. She lives in England and is one of my best friends although I live in the states. Lisa took the time to talk me to sleep on video every night while I was in the hospital when first diagnosed with GBS for two months straight. I was alone at night in the hospital, in pain and terrified, unable to move. I’d gotten to the point I couldn’t swallow. Her soothing voice of reason and experience with chronic illnesses helped me more than words can express. When I was discharged she started talking positively to me about life and how to find new ways to cope. She motivated me to do my PT and OT and get out of the wheelchair, to a walker, a cane and now I can mostly walk unaided. She taught me to do a craft called decoupage which I now actually sell at craft shows – not for the money but for the fulfillment as going on disability after 37 years of continuous fulltime working really left a void. I couldn’t even sign my name or type a keystroke when discharged but she taught me a beautiful art form craft to help my hands function better and still improves them to this day. She taught me all sorts of tips and tricks to cope on my own with GBS residual symptoms of chronic nerve pain, fatigue, and numbness. She has been my hero because she gave me hope and continues to every single day since my diagnosis.