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Laura’s Story

Laurie's Story

The old adage “when life gives you lemons, just make some lemonade” has been a byline for Laura Dodd almost her entire life. At the young age of 12, Laura was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, CIDP, a condition similar to multiple sclerosis. The result was several years traveling from a wheelchair, to a walker, to using a cane and finally “standing on my own two feet” as expressed in one of her original song compositions. To combat her illness Laura has regularly scheduled intravenous treatment, in an effort to strengthen her muscles. In addition to the medicinal routines, Laura incorporates daily workouts and exercises to improve her overall welfare.

Laura’s vocal and stage accomplishments are quite a few. Some of her more recent performances include the Washington, DC, mall venue for the 100 year celebrations for the Girl Scouts of America, theatrical and vocal performances at the JFK Center for VSArts, the Strathmore in Bethsaida, MD, for the disability coalition, the lawn of the White House for the Miracle League annual game, as well as many more not listed here. An independent film director in Denver, CO, has included 3 of Laura’s original song works in 2 of her films and 1 documentary.

Born and raised in a small Alabama community, Sand Valley, Laura now resides with her husband Joe in Jasper, AL, with part of the time being spent in her small home in Nashville, TN.

When asked about her disability, Laura explains, “My family encouraged me from day one to make this trial a positive one, to grow and become all I have dreamed of”. “My dreams have always been big”, Laura says while smiling, “but my 5 foot 3″ frame is dreaming its way to the world renowned stages, Carnegie Hall, Grand Ole Opry, and many, many more”. Music has truly been the very best medicine for my journeys in life.