Patient Stories

Jennifer Burgand

I have been showing a positive “face” for quite some time now and life hasn’t been exactly rainbows and butterflies the past 6 years. Around the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was having horrible cramps in my right calf & toes. Doctors kept saying “You’re so active. You’re just dehydrated. Eat a pickle and a banana. (I participated in bootcamp classes, spin classes on almost a daily basis) and I knew I wasn’t dehydrated.

In December of 2017, the toes on my right foot became paralyzed and I couldn’t lift my foot. I thought it was a simple fix- a pinched nerve from a car accident that has caused me long term lower back pain. By June 2018 I had numerous MRIs, body scans and eventually neurologists appointments with lengthy and painful EMG (nerve conduction tests) and spinal tap to find out I have a very rare autoimmune disease called Multifocal Motor Neuropathy.

I went to Mayo Clinic in May 2019 to learn more about MMN and they misdiagnosed me with ALS/ (Lou Gehrig disease). I say misdiagnosed because I told my neurologist my mind is my strongest drug and I do NOT believe I have ALS and I refuse to believe them and take their meds. I was going to prove them wrong- and I have! It was one week after this diagnosis that I went to Portugal by myself for 12 days. I was determined to see the world while I could still walk on my own!

How am I doing? My motor nerves in my legs/ feet don’t work so well anymore. I am unable to wear my fabulous high heels and I can’t run and my leg muscles have atrophied. I sometimes walk with a cane or for very long distances (such as huge airports) I now use a wheelchair. I still love life but MMN has made me appreciate the little things even more now.

I still live by The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I meditate daily and thankfully learned about the healing power of your mind. I recently attended a week-long event in Cancun and it was beyond amazing. My happy place is the water because I can run and dance and feel normal.

What is my treatment? Every 2 weeks a nurse comes to my apartment and I receive a 5-hour IV treatment of Immunoglobulins which are donations from human PLASMA. Not blood- PLASMA! Please sign up to donate as you help me stay strong.

My motto is: Every day is FABULOUS, some days are just more fabulous than others. And I truly believe that! If you made it all the way through this long post, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this.