Patient Stories

Jaye Bea

One such story is Jaye Bea’s and how she made lifelong friends. At the 2022 GBS Symposium in Florida, a fortuitous meeting brought together three individuals who would form an unbreakable bond. Jaye Bea, a newcomer to the GBS|CIDP community, had arrived at the symposium eager to learn and connect with others. Little did she know that her encounter with Maria and Gilbert would leave an indelible mark on her life. As the symposium kicked off, Jaye Bea found herself seated next to Maria and Gilbert during the opening night reception. Coincidentally, they discovered that they were from the same hometown, El Paso, Texas. Throughout the symposium, Jaye Bea had the privilege of learning from Maria and Gilbert’s experiences with CIDP. Their willingness to share their personal stories and insights provided Jaye Bea with a wealth of knowledge about various aspects of living with the condition. From the challenges of diagnosis to the profound impact CIDP has on patients and their families. But it wasn’t just the exchange of information that made their time together special. Laughter, joy, and shared experiences became the threads that wove their friendship together. From attending sessions together to exploring the symposium’s offerings, the trio made the most of their time, forming an unbreakable bond.

Maria’s unwavering resilience and determination in the face of CIDP made her an undeniable hero in Jaye Bea’s eyes. Maria’s ability to navigate the challenges and still find joy and laughter inspired Jaye Bea to approach her own journey with renewed strength and optimism. Maria became the embodiment of hope and perseverance, forever etching herself as Jaye Bea’s first CIDP hero. The “Honor Your Hero” campaign has encouraged individuals like Jaye Bea to express their gratitude for the remarkable individuals who show unwavering support in their battle against CIDP, GBS and other related conditions. In the spirit of the campaign, let us celebrate Maria, Gilbert, and countless others who selflessly stand by their loved ones facing these conditions. Their dedication, love, and friendship make all the difference in the lives of patients and inspire us to “honor our heroes.”