Patient Stories

Britt McCabe

Britt McCabe

My decline came rapidly, I am one of the rare acute cases of CIDP that was originally diagnosed as GBS. At 35 weeks pregnant, I started getting tingling in my hands and feet followed by that rapid decline I mentioned over the course of 9 days. At 36 weeks pregnant doctors diagnosed me through a spinal tap and told me I would need to deliver my baby – that day. I did. He was healthy and he is gorgeous and thriving today. 

After delivery, I went right down to the ICU. I would spend the next 5 months in the hospital/rehab hospital. I was paralyzed through most parts of my body, including facial paralysis and double vision. My husband, Gavin, and son, Ollie came to see me every day. They are and continue to be the greatest blessing; I am lucky for that. In fact, my support system of my amazing parents, siblings, family, and friends encouraged me to keep going and told me that I would get better.

They were right. It took a long time, and I still have many mobility challenges, but my legs move, and I am getting stronger. 

I’m forever grateful to our tribe, this journey has felt lighter because of them.