Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam



Meibergdreef 9
Neuromuscular Center AMC
Amsterdam, 1105 AZ
The Netherlands

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Adult and Child Care

    Prof dr M. de Visser,
    Dr A.J. van der Kooi,
    Dr C. Verhamme

Adult Care

    Prof dr I.N. van Schaik,
    Dr F. Eftimov

Child Care

    Prof dr B.T. Poll-The,
    Dr B. Jaeger

Other Notes

Procedure for making appointments

A normal appointment can be made by phone +31(0)20 5662500 (adults) or +31 (0)20 566 7508 (children). You need a referral-letter from a general physician or other specialist.

A request for an second opinion can be made through your treating neurologist/specialist only. A letter or e-mail explaining the reason for the referral together with all necessary medical information such as medical letters, notes, results of ancillary investigations (laboratory, EMG, and imaging) and so on can be sent to (adults) or (children). Please address the letter or e-mail to the Neuromuscular Center AMC.

After receipt of this information, you will be contacted to make an appointment at the clinic of the neuromuscular specialist who is most qualified to deal with your problem.