Patient Stories

My Hero, My Mother

My hero is/was my mother, Maria. She recently passed away fighting a severe heart condition, two broken femurs and several other conditions. She taught me to never give up, to complain only when necessary, to smile and always be at my best even in the worst condition. When I was diagnosed with GBS in 1990 she assisted me day and night, month after month, hiding her pain and fear. After I recovered, she always worried I was over working, but never held me back or diminished my enthusiasm. When I was diagnosed with CIDP in 2006, she sunk it in (again) and stood by my side, encouraging me to persevere. She was so proud of my involvement in the Foundation and she was really the only one who really understood my wanting to give back and help other patients. She was my strength throughout this life journey. She was my absolute hero and always will be.