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My Hero and Caregiver

My Hero and Caregiver By Arthur Gause

By Arthur Gause

My ‘Honor Your Hero’ story is about my wife Dee. She is my caregiver. By the time I was diagnosed with CIDP in 2015, I was wheelchair-bound. Getting an appointment with a Neurologist was a challenge. It took 5-6 months after onset of the symptoms to see one.

Because of her hard work and consistent effort, I did finally get the appointment. During the early stages, she would load and unload my chair to and from the trunk of our car and helped me get in and out of it. This was no easy task. The chair was not light and I was a big guy before CIDP and still am compared to her.

To this day, she not only helps me in my day to day needs, she helps others by being a GBS|CIDP Foundation Liaison, delivering information packs to local Urgent Care facilities and Hospitals, as well as helping new GBS|CIDP patients when called upon. All this while running her own business.

And I care as much as I can for her by being as strong as I can as much as I can. Because caregivers need help too.