Patient Stories

Jessica Bohorquez

Jessica Bohorquez, GBS Patient

In 2018 I had a food poisoning episode and for a month after I had symptoms such as blurry vision, numbness and tingling, extreme fatigue, and balance issues which eventually led to losing my ability to walk and paralysis from the hips down. A spinal tap confirmed the diagnosis- GBS. I had IVIG and over a year of PT/OT. I went to nursing school & became a nurse once recovered at the hospital that treated me. I had a great recovery and a good few years up until just recently – I came down with a stomach virus on March 19th, 2024 and it triggered my GBS. I collapsed in my kitchen and my legs got heavy. This time I knew to rush to the hospital.

 I received the IVIG in time and luckily did not experience paralysis again but was unable to stand on my own/lost coordination again in my lower extremities. I spent a month in the hospital recovering and doing PT/OT. I am now doing outpatient therapy until recover to return to work. GBS has made me appreciate my good days so much more. It has made me a better nurse knowing what it’s like to be the patient. I am not sure what the future looks like with residuals from my episode or if it will happen again but I am thankful for plasma donors, my medical team, other GBS/CIDP warriors reaching out and my family for being so supportive.