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“It’s Only Rare Until It’s You”

“It’s Only Rare Until It’s You” By Kenneth Curitore

By Kenneth Curitore

My hero is my partner Raymond Lopez. Raymond is a 1988 GBS survivor who following his long 10 month recovery, regained control of his life and in doing so today recognizes the importance by example of helping fellow GBS/CIDP survivors. Through his dedication and work as a liaison for GBS/CIDP Foundation International and as a volunteer for the Neurology Department at Staten Island University Hospital, he shares his journey as a peer mentor, his experiences and outcomes to represent a positive motivating message to everyone including patients and loved ones he comes in contact with. Raymond believes and lives by the motto, “It’s only rare…until it’s you.” He is loved and respected by his friends and family for his dedication, support and positive message for his fellow GBS/CIDP survivors.