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I Will Tryout for Cheerleading Again!

I Will Try for Cheerleading Again! By Nancy Mallard

By Nancy Mallard

At the age of 14, and just starting her freshman year in high school, our daughter Rachel came down with GBS. October of 2015 is a time that will always be etched in my mind. She was on a ventilator for 3 weeks, spent a month in MUSC Children’s Hospital, a month inpatient at Roper Rehab, then 4 months out patient. Rachel was completely paralyzed and loss the ability to move on her own, eat, drink, dress herself or even speak. It was a slow and steady progress to get back to being herself. When we met with her school about coming back part time in Feb 2016, I told her she may have to use her walker and or/ wheel chair, and she flat out told us – I WILL walk back in school, I WILL not use a wheel chair or walker and I WILL try out for the Cheer team again. (Well she did just that and made the cheer team for her sophomore, junior and now senior year)! She started back to school full time after 7 months post GBS. I would say she is our Hero. She was determined and worked extremely hard to learn to walk, speak, eat and dress herself. It was a long hard 7 months. She still has some residuals, but nothing compared to what she went through with GBS. Her residuals included damage to her vocal chord, however, she just finished speech therapy to help strengthen. Her feet bother her a little bit, as they were the last thing to heal, but compared to where she was 2 1/2 years ago she is pretty much back to herself. GBS recovery is a slow and steady progress! I hope others will be inspired by stories of recovery with GBS.