Patient Stories

Forever Grateful for my Husband

When I first got sick in 2014, I knew that my life and the life of my husband would change forever.  I wasn’t sure of exactly how that would be yet.  As time went on, we couldn’t be spontaneous anymore, travel had to change and my accommodations were different.  Everything took a tremendous amount of planning and thought!

What I didn’t expect was that the bond between my husband and myself would not only grow, but be better than it ever had been.  My husband, Jai Sada, is not only my husband, he is my best friend, my confidant, my therapist, my helper, my cook, and my heart.

He never complains about how our lives have changed.  He gladly takes on tasks that I used to do. In 2018, I wound up in the hospital for six months due do a very bad flare of my CIDP which rendered me paralyzed from the waist down.  He held down the fort at home.  At this time my mother was in a nursing home with Alzheimers.  He made sure that he went to see her every Sunday so that she could still be connected to one of us.  He was working full time at the hospital in which I was staying so he came to see me every morning by 7:30 before work, worked all day, stopped by after work, went home and took care of our dog and the house and never complained.  I had lost all my hair due to chemo, and yet he still thought of me as beautiful.

Jai is thoughtful, kind, empathetic and I think he actually enjoys taking care of me!  His goal is to make me laugh every day and he does.

I can honestly say that my progress from CIDP and my walking again is directly due to the love and support I get from him.  I am forever grateful to this wonderful man!

By: Crystal Sada