Ask the Expert Educational Series


Although we are currently working apart, we are working together in new and innovative ways. And it is, as always, the Foundation’s top priority to keep our programs and research grants moving forward and to continue to provide our members with the vital resources they need as they cope with a GBS|CIDP diagnosis for themselves or a loved one. 

Join Us for Virtual Ask the Experts

As we have postponed spring chapter meetings, fundraising walks and activities, and in the theme of “working together in new and innovative ways,” we have developed a virtual “Ask the Expert” educational series featuring medical experts from the Foundation’s Global Medical Advisory Board. Our educational series will be pre-recorded, and hosted by members of the GBS|CIDP Foundation staff, who will be asking questions that have come straight from our members via social media, phone calls, and emails.  The series will be presented right here on our website, and YouTube channel.

Ask The Experts Series

Ask the Experts Episode 8 – The Clinical Research Process Explained with Dr. Lynn Rogers

July 30, 2020

Ask the Experts Episode 7 – Part 2, New Research & the Role of Plasma in the Covid-19 Response

June 24, 2020

Ask the Experts Episode 6 – Part 1, A Collaboration of Many & the Role of Plasma in the COVID-19 Response

June 16, 2020

Ask the Experts Episode 5 – Chair Yoga and Mindful Meditation

May 14, 2020 – with Sterling Painton

Ask the Experts Episode 4 – Life After GBS|CIDP Diagnosis for Youth & Teens

May 7, 2020 – Dr. Diana Castro

Ask the Experts Episode 3 – Strengthening Your Immune System, Naturally

May 1, 2020 – Dr. Julie Rowin

Ask the Experts Episode 2 – Covid19, Ask the Expert

April 22, 2020 – Dr. Ken Gorson

Ask the Experts Episode 1 – Advocacy Updates, Home Infusion, Insurance & Beyond

April 16, 2020 – Dane Christianson, Health & Medical Counsel of Washington DC

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Stay safe. Stay strong. And we hope you join us for this exciting and informative new series!