Apply for Research Grants

Apply for a Research Grant

If you are a researcher committed to learning more about GBS, CIDP and variants we encourage you to submit your grant application to the Foundation.

Multiple grants are awarded annually. In 2020, only letters of intent and applications for Discovery Awards are being accepted. A grant application may be submitted for all or part of a project.

Please note and follow the annual grant cycle:

  • Letters of Intent are due November 1
  • Notification of Grant Status and Full Application  December 15
  • Full Application deadline by Midnight January 31
  • Grant Committee Reviews Full Applications by March 15
  • Presentation by Grant Committee to Board of Directors for Approval by April 15
  • Announcement of Awards  May 30

To request a brochure detailing application guidelines, please call the Foundation office at 610-667-0131 or email or download a PDF version of application guidelines.

Grants are made possible through the benevolence of many sources, including:

  • The Helen S. Manheimer Research Fund
  • Contributions from individuals
  • Commercial sources

Submit Letter of Intent Online

The Third Benson Fellowship opportunity will be available in March 2022.

Benson Clinical Research Fellowship

The Benson Fellowship is a three-year fellowship that provides an opportunity for talented scientists to engage in peripheral nerve of study.

The aim of the scheme is to provide funds (up to $150k per year for three years) to enable clinicians or non-clinical scientists in training or having recently completed training to engage in a substantial research project in the field of inflammatory neuropathy at a Centre or Centres of Excellence or an Institution approved by the committee. Preference will be given to candidates who intend to pursue a long-term career in this field.

Applicants should obtain application forms by emailing Lori Basiege at

Benson Clinical Research Fellowship Schedule

Application Process Schedule:

  • 3/1- 8/1: Benson Fellowship announcement and invite LOI Submission
  • 8/1 – 9/15: Benson Fellowship Committee meets and invites Full Application
  • 10/1: Deadline for receipt of Full Application (s)
  • 11/1: Benson Fellowship Committee votes
  • 12/1: Benson Fellowship Committee to announce Award Recipient

Benson Clinical Research Fellowship Letter of Intent Procedure

Applicants should submit a one-page Letter of Intent by August 1. The Letter should contain the following information: a brief CV (one-page maximum), the title of the project, name and title of investigator(s) along with their contact information (department and institution name, address, phone number, and email address), name and contact details of research sponsor and/or mentor, a synopsis of the proposal (not to exceed 300 words), a list of up to 5 key publications with summary of key findings (not to exceed 25 words for each), and a synopsis of future career intentions (not to exceed 100 words).

The letter should be typed in 12 point, Times Roman font, with 1” margins. A PDF file should be submitted to the organization by email. Receipt of the letter of intent will be acknowledged by email.