Payroll & Corporate Giving

Payroll giving and corporate matches are easy ways to give while impacting our community!

Payroll Gifts

Many companies allow their employees to give any amount they like as a one-time or recurring donation from their paycheck. It’s automatically withdrawn from the paycheck, making it hassle-free for the donor. Often there are no merchant fees associated with these gifts, meaning the Foundation receives your donation in full! This giving is becoming increasingly more common since payroll gifts are not taxed by the employer. It’s very easy to begin and, once set up, requires no additional work. Payroll giving will often work with the matching gifts program at your company.

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts can double or even triple the impact of your donation. In addition, some companies may also match an employee’s volunteer service with a financial contribution to the organization. Search below to see if your or your spouse’s company has a matching gift program.

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