Michael Coleman

Michale Coleman

Michael Coleman

YTA Spokesperson

My name is Michael Coleman and I was diagnosed with GBS on March 26, 2016. I have spent the last 30 years of my life working as a professional actor for film, television, video games, and cartoons, and when I was diagnosed I was filming a television series for ABC called, Once Upon a Time. My one real job on the show? Smile. Smile big. (I played Happy, one of the 7 dwarfs). When I was diagnosed, I not only felt like I temporarily lost my reason to smile but also my ability. I then discovered this foundation and it introduced me to “my people.” My fellow CIDP/GBS people who were going through what I was and it not only helped me regain my confidence but also helped me find a new sense of purpose. Even bigger than before. So while I was in the middle of filming 7 seasons with heroes from all over the Fairytale worlds, it was only after being diagnosed with GBS that I met real heroes. Bravery, purpose, commitment to one another… like you read in fairytales. I am honored to be a spokesperson for this foundation. My focus will be on the youth, as not unlike my real-life good friend Peter Pan, I simply refuse to grow up and I am always looking for new friends and new adventures!


Michale Coleman - before
Michale Coleman – before