University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute


3113 Bellevue Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45219
United States of America

Contact Information

Phone Information

  • 513-475-8730

Fax Information

  • 513-475-8033


Adult Care

    Phone number (Adults): 513-475-8730

    • Long Davalos Loo, MD – Adults
    • Hani Kushlaf, MD – Adults
    • Jacqueline Janecek, MD – Adults
    • Robert Neel, MD – Adults
    • John Quinlan, MD – Adults
    • Jonathan Smith, MD – Adults

Child Care

    Alexander Zygmunt, MD – Children

    • Step 1: Have your PCP or Neurologist send a referral to or fax to 513-803-3300. Along with the referral they should send last office note, growth charts, immunization records, any labs, and genetic results as well.
    • Step 2: Call our intake team at 513-803-3000.
    • Step 3: After we receive the referral and any additional medical records we request you will be contacted to schedule